Grant Agreement
Grantees will be required to sign a grant agreement that will specify the terms of the grant. Grantees will be expected to provide a written final report to be submitted within three months after completion of the grant. Some grants may contain additional reporting requirements. Failure to meet the requirements of the grant agreement will jeopardize future grants from the Foundation.

Acknowledgement of Receipt
Upon receipt of grant money, all grantees must promptly provide a letter acknowledging the receipt of funds. The letter should contain the following:
  1. Acknowledgement dated AFTER funds are distributed;
  2. Date of receipt of funds;
  3. Amount of cash received;
  4. An indication of whether the organization provided goods or services in consideration for the cash (in almost all cases with the HMSA Foundation, there will be no exchange of goods or services). If goods or services have been provided by the organization, a description and good faith estimate of the value of those goods/services are required;
  5. Printed name, signature and title of the individual authorized to sign recipient organization’s letter.

    At a minimum, a typical letter should look something like this:

    [DATE: Be sure to date after funds were received]

    Dear HMSA Foundation,

    ABC Organization would like to acknowledge the HMSA Foundation for its grant of [AMOUNT RECEIVED: Only indicate the actual amount received in this payment] which we received on [DATE FUNDS WERE RECEIVED]. No goods or services were provided to the HMSA Foundation in exchange for this cash.

    Jane Doe
    ABC Organization

Extensions & Amendments
Requests for no cost extensions of grant periods or amendments to the grant parameters or use of funds must be submitted via your online account. You will then receive an email stating whether or not your request has been approved.

Publication & Collaboration
Project directors may be asked to attend periodic meetings and/or provide a written report on the project’s findings suitable for wide dissemination. When making a grant, the HMSA Foundation believes it is entering into a partnership to improve health in Hawai`i. As much as practicable, we would like to stay abreast of projects and upcoming events. Also, if it is deemed appropriate and possible, our staff will be glad to participate and add value to funded projects through extended collaboration.

You are encouraged to make a public acknowledgement of your grant. If you choose to do so, we suggest you use language such as, “Funding for this project was provided by the HMSA Foundation.” We would also appreciate advanced notice of any press release or media correspondence that references the HMSA Foundation.